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  • Grand Rapids, MI

About Our Company

Newtons law of physics: bodies at rest tend to stay at rest. Bodies in motion tend to stay in motion.

Think of us as the new breed of advertising agency. A trusted business partner whose expertise you rely on to succeed—our role is to ensure your business realizes the full profit potential offered by online marketing and advertising. In a nutshell, we are specially trained and certified internet business experts, ready to deliver products and services that best meet your business needs and your budget.

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What Makes ilocal Different

One of these things are not like the other

Our strategic  procedure

ilocal provides a scalable and profitable local online advertising platform that aids in strategic growth and client retention. From search engine optimization and marketing to web presence and social media marketing, we enable a broad range of local online advertising and marketing solutions.:

* Acquire and grow your audience by broadcasting your business online to reputable directories and search engines

* Time is money, using a single point of contact for local Internet marketing needs

* Improve your search engine rankings

* Priced for small business, results of what Big Business expects

* Be found where they are looking, even on mobile specific searches